Why We Need Forensic Accounting?

• People and corporates are increasingly going for court action to resolve their problems,
• Trade transactions are increasing and getting more complex,
• People and corporates are having more problems with government,
• Employees involving with faud is increasing and it is getting harder to unveil and prevent them,
• There have been increasing fraud with financial tables of companies and this led to increasing harm to society,
• It has come out that there has been increasing numer and amounts of unsuccessful companies,
• Lawyers and courts need more support from specialists in the different areas of fraud,
• There has been increasing fraud in the virtual environment and the necessity of experts to fight against these,

The parties who will need Forensic Accounting Services;

• People and companies in business life,
• Banks,
• Attorneys at Law,
• Security forces,
• İnsurance companies,
• Government offices,
• Courts

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