Our Expertise Related with Courts

Lawsuit Support Consultancy

Lawsuit Support Consultancy Services covers mostly operations with lawyers:
• All kinds of fraud lawsuits, company revaluations,
• Loss predictions,
• Insurance disputes,
• Disagreements with agreements, intercompany problems,
• Patent, rights and brand disputes,
• Bankruptcy cases, mergers and acquisitions cases,
• Fiscal diputes with divorce suits,
• Property sharing,

Expert Witness

Some of the Expert Witnessing Services which are support to court are as follows:
• To make necessary researches and collecting data for the court,
• Reaching judgement based on data collected,
• Presenting judgement he reached to lawyers and judges in the court,

Civil Procedure Law Nr. 6100, Article 293 Expert Witness

1- Parties can receive expert opinion for the court subject. No time extension can be demanded for this.
2- Judge can decide on demand or himself to invite the specialist to the court to be listened.
Judge and the parties can ask the specialist necessary questions.
3-If the expert person do not attend to the court without a valid excuse, his report will not be considered in the court.

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