About Us

PUSULA Forensic Accounting and Fraud Audit Consultancy, differs from other companies with specialized team which is unique in Turkey. Current team, in addition to their profession, they hold graduate degrees and certificates sufficient to solve all the problems and issues related with forensic accounting and fraud audit.

  • Fikriye ASLAN – Forensic Accounting Specialist, Certified Public Accountant
  • Erdoğan GÖKÇE – Retired Civil Law Judge
  • Av. Kudret YILDIRIM – Turkish Criminal Law, Cooperatives Law
  • Av. Sermet YÜCEL – Attorney, Labor and Social Security Law
  • Fatma Berra ŞENEMRE – Labor and Social Security Specialist
  • Gülgün KORKUSUZ – Investment Incentives Specialist
  • Erkan ÖNEL – Investment Incentives Specialist, Certified Public Accountant
  • Kemal KÜÇÜLYILMAZ – Sworn Public Accountant
  • İlhan CEDİMAĞAR – Sworn Public Accountant
  • Nesimi YAŞAR – Sworn Public Accountant
  • Elif KOLOĞLU – Certified Public Accountant Independent Auditor
  • Kürşat TAŞKIN – Computer Audit Specialist

As PUSULA Forensic Accounting and Fraud Audit Consultancy, our fields of specialization are;

  • Financial table misstatements by company top managers to mislead company owners,
  • Fraud by employees,
  • Fraud by white-collar crimes,
  • Fraud by financial tables,
  • Fraud related with investments,
  • Commercial bribes and commissions,
  • Fraud related with banking transactions,
  • Fraud related with electronic fund transfer,
  • Credit card frauds,
  • İnternet fraud,
  • Assessment and evaluation of fraud risk of companies,
  • Examining the effectiveness of internal controls, policies and procedures,
  • Customers’ fraud,
  • Vendors’ fraud.

The need for Forensic Accounting and Fraud Audit arises from;

  • Number of employees committing fraud and misstatements are increasing, whilst detection and prevention from fraud is getting harder,
  • Increasing amount of filing false financial statements and increasing community harm,
  • Lawyers and judges need more expert support in certain special cases,
  • Increasing level of fraud in virtual environments and the need for specialist to fight against these.
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